docuFIX® special Standard

The multiple reusable self-adhesive bag

Your documents are securely attached to the corresponding goods but must be removed or supplemented during transport? Our self-adhesive document envelopes can be opened and closed repeatedly and trouble-free without leaving any traces. We offer 5 standard products from stock – of course standard climate neutrally produced.

Product Features

  • Transparent PE film, anti-reflective and barcode readable
  • White-bleached kraft paper
  • Flap is closed to the front of the bag – resealable closure.
  • Environmentally-friendly, solvent-free and odourless hotmelt
  • Under- packed with 250 pieces in a dispenser box

Use the opportunity to attach your documents securely to your product and still easily remove them it needed for changes or checks, e.g. during internal transport or for customs reasons.

Item number Description External dimension in mm Internal dimension in mm pcs / box pcs / pallet
2FVDO300141 C6 plain 175x115+25 160x110 4 x 250 140.000
2FVDO300241 C6, Delivery note / Invoice multilingual 175x115+25 160x110 4 x 250 140.000
2FVDO300142 LD plain 240x115+25 225x110 4 x 250 105.000
2FVDO300242 LD, Delivery note / Invoice multilingual 240x115+25 225x110 4 x 250 105.000
2FVDO300143 C5 plain 240x165+25 225x160 2 x 250 60.000