aroFOL® win Standard

The air bubble bag with best view

No address labels, no awkward handwritten labelling and you still get the same high protection of our proven air bubble bags by our aroFOL® win – The padded alternative with window!
You can choose between two standard sizes, in various models, from our stock range.

Product Features

  • Window 55 x 90 mm
  • White kraft paper, chlorine-free bleached or unbleached brown as outer layer
  • High-quality air bubble film inner layer
  • Optimal filling solution due to sealing of inner and outer layer at the opening
  • From climate-neutral production
  • Optimum tear resistance due to 10mm continuously sealed edges
  • Trifix closure (permanent seal, adhesive closure or holes for clip closure)
  • Slanted flap
  • With barcoding for business with end-constumers
  • Printing with water-based colours (Aquaprint®)
  • Low weight

Benefit from our innovative air bubble bag with window and pack your mailings and shipments quickly and efficiently without complicated address labelling.

Item number Description External dimension in mm Internal dimension in mm pcs / box pcs / pallet
2FVAF000504 4/D brown, window left 200x275+50 175x265 100 5.400
2FVAF000514 4/D white, window left 200x275+50 175x265 100 5.400
2FVAF000524 4/D white, window right 200x275+50 175x265 100 5.400
2FVAF000507 7/G brown, window left 250x350+50 225x340 100 3.400
2FVAF000517 7/G white, window left 250x350+50 225x340 100 3.400
2FVAF000527 7/G white, window right 250x350+50 225x340 100 3.400