docuFIX® paper

The sustainable document envelope made out of paper

The environmentally-friendly alternative among traditional document envelopes in terms of security, handling and environmental impact.
There are no compromises concerning the used materials. The FSC®-certified kraft paper can simply be disposed in the waste paper and re-used without effort.
The used hotmelt is water-based and neutral when recycling the paper.
The transparent and absolutely clear window foil made out of corn starch guarantees an error-free and fast readability by all commercial scanner.

Product Features

  • 100% recyclable document envelope
  • FSC®-certified white craft paper
  • with adhesive closure and perforation
  • window made out of bio-degradable corn foil
  • print: packing list – invoice multilingual with window left
  • 500 pcs per box
Item number Description External dimension in mm Internal dimension in mm pcs / box pcs / pallet
2FHDP340212 LD LS/RE multilingual window left 229x114/31 229x114 500 35.000
2FHDP340233 C5 LS/RE multilingual window left 229x154/31 229x154 500 20.000