aroFOL® classic eco

The ecological air bubble bag made from grass paper

An innovative idea is currently sweeping through the paper industry: Paper from a quick-growing raw material – grass! Discover our aroFOL® air bubble bags, now also made from grass paper – a particularly resource-conserving and environmentally-friendly material with unique colouring, haptics and smell. Of course, there is also a great variety of printing and product options available with this variant.

Product Features

  • resource-conserving grass paper
  • High-quality air bubble film with recycled content as inner layer
  • Optimal filling solution due to sealing of inner and outer layer at the opening
  • From climate-neutral production
  • Optimum tear resistance due to 10mm continuously sealed edges
  • Fix closure (permanent seal, fix closure or holes for clip closure)
  • Slanted flap
  • With barcoding for business with end-constumers
  • Printing with water-based colours (Aquaprint®)
  • Low weight

See for yourself the flexible usage of our mailing bags, for instance mailings or courier shipments.

Item number Description External dimension in mm Internal dimension in mm pcs / box pcs / pallet
2FVAF000804 4/D Graspapier 200x275+50 180x265 100 5.400
2FVAF000807 7/G Graspapier 250x350+50 230x340 100 3.400