aroFOL® plus Standard

The strong one among the air bubble bags

Our air bubble bag provides special protection through the use of extra strong kraft paper as outer layer. Therefore, this padded envelope bag withstands significant strain.
You can buy our eight standard sizes of climate-neutral produced air bubble bags from stock.

Product Features

  • Strong oyster mottled kraft paper outer layer
  • High-quality air bubble film inner layer
  • Optimal filling solution due to sealing of inner and outer layer at the opening
  • From climate-neutral production
  • Optimum tear resistance due to 10mm continuously sealed edges
  • Fix closure with holes for clip closure
  • Slanted flap
  • With barcoding for business with end-constumers
  • Printing with water-based colours (Aquaprint®)

Benefit from the extra protection of our air bubble bag with kraft paper outer layer and use the strong shipping packaging for the shipment of your sensitive and heavy goods.

Item number Description External dimension in mm Internal dimension in mm pcs / box pcs / pallet
2FVAF000202 2/B oyster mottled 140x225+50 120x215 200 9.600
2FVAF000203 3/C oyster mottled 170x225+50 150x215 100 7.300
2FVAF000204 4/D oyster mottled 200x275+50 180x265 100 5.400
2FVAF000205 5/E oyster mottled 240x275+50 220x265 100 4.400
2FVAF000207 7/G oyster mottled 250x350+50 230x340 100 3.400
2FVAF000208 8/H oyster mottled 290x370+50 270x360 100 2.400
2FVAF000210 10/K oyster mottled 370x480+50 350x470 50 1.400
2FVAF000212 12 oyster mottled 460x680+60 440x665 50 600