docuCARE® basic

The re-sealable PE envelope

This PE envelope protects your goods against external influences, such as moisture and dirt.
The self-adhesive closure that can be opened and closed several times, makes these PE envelope a quick and efficient packaging solution that can be used a number of times.

Product Features

  • Recyclable PE film, transparent
  • Self-adhesive closure that can be opened and closed several times
  • Material-saving single flat side-weld


  • Recyclable PE film, transparent
  • Double-sided printing with up to 6 colours
  • Additional pouch for accompanying documents
  • Bottom gusset
  • Micro perforation or air holes
  • Straight flap with film release liner
  • Cutted flap with paper release liner

Discover the simplicity of these envelopes and take advantage of all the benefits of for example the sending of your mailings.

Item number External dimension in mm Internal dimension in mm Thickness in µ pcs / box pcs / pallet
2FVDF017356 165x220+40 164x220 50 1.000 128.000
2FVDF017360 225x310+50 224x310 50 1.000 48.000
2FVDF117363 245x350+50 244x350 50 500, packed in foilbags à 100 pieces 39.000