docuCARE® classic eco

The courier bag and PE mailing bag made from recycling film

The sharp rise in e-commerce activities in the last few years has significantly increased the demand for polythene envelopes. We take our responsibilities seriously and so have dedicated ourselves to a sustainable approach to packaging materials. For this reason, you can also order our docuCARE® classic products with >70% recycled film.

Product Features

  • Permanent hotmelt seal
  • Closure with film or paper release liner
  • Opaque recyclable polyethylene film inner black / outer white made from ≥ 70 % recyclingmaterial
  • Secure skirt side-weld (duplex) or material-saving single flat side-weld

Explore the sustainable PE mailing bag that is perfect for your consignment or especially for courier shipments.

Item number External dimension in mm Internal dimension in mm Thickness in µ pcs / box pcs / pallet
2FSDC260001 175x255+50 175x255 50 1.000 90.000
2FSDC260002 225x325+50 225x325 50 1.000 45.000
2FSDC260003 240x350+50 240x350 50 1.000 45.000
2FSDC260004 325x425+50 325x425 50 500 22.500
2FSDC260005 350x450+50 350x450 50 500 22.500
2FSDC260006 400x500+50 400x500 50 500 16.000
2FSDC260007 450x550+50 450x550 50 500 16.000
2FSDC260008 550x770+50 550x770 60 250 8.000