aroFOL® poly Standard

The indestructible air bubble bag

Our tear-proof and resistant air bubble bag, made from 100 % polyethylene, is perfect for the extra secure shipment of your sensitive goods. The water-repellent and opaque version of our aroFOL® poly air bubble bags can easily be written on with a ballpoint pen and are available for you in eleven standard sizes from stock.

Product Features

  • Outer layer of opaque, tear-resistant PE
  • High-quality air bubble film inner layer
  • Optimal filling solution due to sealing of inner and outer layer at the opening
  • From climate-neutral production
  • Optimum tear resistance due to 10mm continuously sealed edges
  • Permanent seal
  • With barcoding for business with end-constumers
  • Printing with water-based colours (Aquaprint®)
  • Low weight

See for yourself the strength of the padded mailing bag from 100 % PE for deliveries of sensitive goods.

Item number Description External dimension in mm Internal dimension in mm pcs / box pcs / pallet
2FVAF000302 2/B poly 140x225+50 120x215 200 9.600
2FVAF000303 3/C poly 170x225+50 150x215 100 7.300
2FVAF000304 4/D poly 200x275+50 180x265 100 5.400
2FVAF000305 5/E poly 240x275+50 220x265 100 4.400
2FVAF000306 6/F poly 240x350+50 220x340 100 3.400
2FVAF000307 7/G poly 250x350+50 230x340 100 3.400
2FVAF000311 7/S poly 260x350+50 240x340 100 3.400
2FVAF000308 8/H poly 290x370+50 270x360 100 2.400
2FVAF000309 9/I poly 320x455+50 300x445 50 1.600
2FVAF000310 10/K poly 370x480+50 350x470 50 1.400
2FVAF000313 CD poly 200x175+50 180x165 100 8.400